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The week before we meet, Google declined to send a senior executive to testify before the Tp on Sept. At the hearing, Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey and Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg testified that their companies were taking sufficient action to protect the November midterms from foreign interference.

Wylie speaks Cmbridge a certain authority on the matter. In March, he publicly revealed how Cambridge Analytica, a political consultancy he helped found inused illegally obtained Facebook data to psychologically profile voters for electoral campaigns.

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His revelations kicked off a debate about the untrammeled power of tech giants and the vulnerability of Western democracies to disinformation—concerns that, Wylie says, social-media companies have failed to address as U. Their reluctance may not come as a surprise.

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Cambridge Analytica used this data to target voters with political content tailored to their individual psychological profile. More damaging to Facebook, the app was Cambrodge to scrape the personal details of the friends of anybody who had used it.

In all, Cambridge Analytica took data from 30 million to 87 million profiles and combined it with data from sources like TV set-top boxes and credit cards to build an incredibly detailed picture of segments of the U. By 20, he found himself in Seeking someone to Cambridge down with juggling his university studies with work on voter targeting for the U.

Then, inWylie stumbled across some research funded by the U. He took these findings out of a laboratory context and set about applying them at the national level.

Though Wylie left Cambridge Analytica well sokeone his work was adapted for the Trump campaign, the damage was.

Wylie barely looks at the polished revolving doors through which, six months earlier, his former boss was bundled by aides Cambrivge avoid waiting journalists. Wylie is keen to leave that chapter of his life. He says he has tried to redeem himself by raising awareness of just how vulnerable social-media users are to exploitation, whether by foreign actors, shady political seeking someone to Cambridge down with or the companies themselves.

Facebook declined to comment. He finds himself, awkwardly, in a similar position to Alex Jones, who runs the conspiracy-theorist website InfoWars. Jones has been permanently banned from Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms in recent months following a drawn-out debate over whether the sites should give his often somenoe and inflammatory content a platform.

But Wylie Camvridge at pains to point out a crucial difference between himself and the Texan, because his own revelations were truthful. You are entitled to say whatever it is that you want, that is fine; you are not entitled to a megaphone if that information is false.

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Chief among his other concerns is that Western democracies are sleepwalking into yet more elections without taking sufficient action to reduce the chances of another Cambridge Analytica or another Trump-Russia saga.

Compare the unregulated social-media landscape to food, electricity and airplane safety laws, he says.

You might get on a plane once or twice a year. You check your phone times a day.

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Although he continues pushing for tech regulation, Wylie has left political consulting to work in fashion, using data to spot trends. Write to Billy Perrigo at billy.

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