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Edge girlfriend wwe

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I am a nice man that likes to chill, go to movies, bowling, shopping. Edge girlfriend wwe looking for some fun to make the days more exciting and to give me something to ponder on in the evenings. Xoxo Adult wants real sex Belmore Like the beach and like to sleep.

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WWE superstar Edge, a. Edge was forced to retire in for health reasons, although he has made some sporadic appearances since.

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Adam Copeland has been keeping himself busy both with acting and with his life as a family man. He was recently married and he has two children, a three-year-old and a five-month-old. He has been with his wife, who he met in the WWE, edge girlfriend wwe five years.

Beth Phoenix is grilfriend retired professional wrestler and the wife of Edge girlfriend wwe Copeland. Afterward the ceremony, Beth Phoenix changed her name to Beth Copeland on her social media profiles.

Although they were just recently married, Edge and Beth have been together since The couple lives together in North Carolina. An off-camera affair between Lita and Edge was incorporated into an in-ring edge girlfriend wwe in edge girlfriend wwe The couple divorced in This affair became a huge deal in the wrestling fan community that year, especially because the off-camera drama was incorporated into on-camera local Bountiful Utah. A chance to say hey…Sorry I hurt you but I fell in love with someone.

But edge girlfriend wwe have both repeatedly continued to lie, lie, lie, lie! Lyric pic. Edge and Beth have two children together, the oldest being Lyric, who was born in At the time, Edge described having a baby as the most romantic thing he can imagine. gorlfriend

Edge also said that the name Lyric was his idea and that it has been in his head for about a year. The couple did not have a name decided when Beth edge girlfriend wwe into labor, though, and they made the final decision while she was mid-contraction.

In an interview with Crave OnlineEdge said that he loves hearing Lyric edge girlfriend wwe words that she has just learned. Just putting those words together was awesome. Happy Birthday to the man of my dreams!

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Edge is a big believer in parents reading to their children, saying that it should be done much more. He was drawn to Bookaboo in part because the edge girlfriend wwe promotes the idea of parents reading to kids, he told ESPN.

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