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Essay on kathmandu city

essay on kathmandu city

the exports of these products have decreased.1. Internationally, the British based charity, the Kathmandu Contemporary Art Centre is involved with protecting arts in Kathmandu. Many of the wooden monuments were destroyed in the 14th century earthquake. Urbanization means the increase in percentage of a population living in settlements, which could be classified as urban areas Even though life conditions around the world continue to improve, it also implies some deep transformation, which humanity has to take into account. The king of Gaur, Prachanda Deva built the Swayambhu stupa encasing the eternal flame and his nephew Gunakadeva was anointed as the king of Nepal. 7 They have developed a division of labour and a sophisticated urban civilization not seen elsewhere in the Himalayan foothills. His victory in the Battle of Kirtipur was the beginning of his conquest of the valley. Lets take up this challenge, lets govern locally, lets elect visionaries in our Kathmandu. 3, after the annexation of the valley by the.

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Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal.
It is the largest metropolis in Nepal, wit h a population.5 million in the city proper, and 3 million in its urban.
The Kathmandu Valley historically known as Nepal Valley or Nepa Valley, lies at.

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With energy comes prosperity and innovation. In-fact with our exciting alleys, and back streets we have a perfect place to walk or bike around. Our heritage is the collection of our past, our culture, generations of life lessons trickled down to us, based on simplicity, creativity, communal living, co-existing with nature, and our obsession with creating. The International Buddhist Academy provides an academy for non-monastic Buddhist study and teaches the key Classic Indian Buddhist treatises studied by all Mahayana and Tibetan traditions. Gorkha Kingdom, and subsequent conversion of the Valley as the capital of their empire, the designation of "Nepal" was extended to all the lands they had conquered. The total population of Kathmandu is 949,486 people. Another art gallery to be noted is the Moti Azma, which is located in a three storied building in Bhimsenthan. King Mahendra abolished the multiparty democracy and brought in the Panchayat Raj into force, in December 1960. The major river flowing through the Kathmandu Valley is the Bagmati. The factors leading to air pollution in the city is due to human generated degradation produced by industry, extensive traffic, congestion of building in the city, frequent burning associated with the temples. Places to see edit Dese Maru Jhya, the only window of its kind in the country Changu Narayan temple This is an incomplete alphabetical list of notable temples and monuments in Kathmandu Valley. No more relying on others for our basic needs.